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Create a Workplace Culture with our Perth-Based Corporate Team Building Activities

Creating and nurturing a culture in your workplace is important to the productivity, creativity and overall morale of your team and workplace. There are few corporate team building options in Perth that can get your team excited and out of their comfort zone, meaning it can often be difficult to think of new and engaging ways to get your employees interested about building their team and fostering a healthy workplace culture. That’s why Strike Training offers fun yet useful corporate team building activities for businesses in Perth.
What’s better than giving your employees the gift of learning how to stay safe, while getting to know their fellow colleagues?
At Strike Training, our corporate culture team building involves teaching your employees valuable life-long skills in self-defence and safety, because we believe that everybody should learn how to protect themselves.

What you will learn with our corporate classes

  • How to function as a team through the use of corporate team building activities
  • How to communicate with each other in a range of situations
  • A set of simple and easy to use methods to nurture situational awareness
  • How to defend yourself in real life situations
  • How to recognise unsafe situations
  • How to use everyday items to protect yourself

With our corporate classes, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t be learning advanced martial arts skills and fighting systems – we teach you methods that you can use every day with confidence and ease, while learning them in a welcoming environment with the rest of your team.
If you’d like more information about our corporate culture team building, contact our Perth office today.

Corporate culture is closer than ever with our team building classes. Find out more today!

Strike Training is a registered training organisation, with many years’ experience offering tailored corporate team building throughout Perth. We also offer training in first aid, security, investigations and construction white card.
Each of our training courses and team building sessions are updated in order to incorporate new methods and adapt to current issues. Discover how our corporate classes can benefit your team culture today. Get in touch with our expert team today by calling us (08) 9479 1848, or by using our online contact form.

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