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Have you thought about using our Self Defence program as part of your corporate training and team building for your employees?

Instead of providing the same tired programs why not give your team some training that will give them real world skills they can use straight away and have some fun doing it!  Our program is perfect for any age or or fitness level!



This fantastic class will build on the confidence of your team members. It will give them skills in safety awareness and provide tactical defence skills. They will also gain a sense of unity with their fellow workmates whilst putting their skills into action against our trainers.


We have delivered programs to many organisations bespoking it to their particular needs. These include occupational therapists, construction organisations, uber drivers, school children, charity organisations and government organisations to name a few. This has not only given these persons a set of skills but also assisted the employer’s Duty of Care in ensuring staff are safe on their way to, and after leaving work.


Our program has been so successful and well received we have been invited back by clients numerous times to teach their new staff and upgrade the staff who have been previously trained!


Within the Self Defence program we cover:


  • How to be situationally aware and conscious of your position. How to be mindful of your surroundings and how to avoid situations that look threatening;
  • How to manage your environment better to avoid an unsafe situation;
  • How to communicate tactically;
  • A range of self-defence skills and realistic techniques to increase your every day personal safety.

Please note – this is not a martial arts or combat course – we teach you how to use real world and real time techniques to boost your safety and confidence.  From leaving work late and going to cars in carparks, to using buses and taxis.  How to use what you have available to you – ie, what you have in your handbag/briefcase etc; and


  • What you are able to do within the law, if you are confronted.


This is completed in a fun and safe environment.  The confidence of our participants is greatly increased and valuable skills are learnt to assist in their personal safety.  Our trainers ensure the program is very entertaining whilst being informative by applying their extensive experience from over 100 years of policing and armed forces experience. This allows us to provide a unique bespoke program which address the specific needs of your organisation and staff.


Try something that will provide lifelong skills for your team in 2-3 short hours.


Please contact us to discuss further.


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