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Strike consultants understand the dangers of violence existing within our community. We have applied our extensive policing and military experience to provide a program giving you a set of practical skills to use when confronted with aggressive behaviour and conflict. This is not a course of extensive physical training but usable, realistic methods that are taught in a few short hours to allow you to manage these situations effectively. This is not a martial arts program with difficult fighting systems. It is simple and manageable with straightforward application to deter or defend against personal violence within the confines of the law. These methods can be adapted to any situation, in the community, in the home, or at school. No matter your age or fitness level this program can help you.

Comprehensive Self-Defence Training in Perth

A key component of our training is to educate our participants on the realistic dangers and methods offenders will use to attack. You will be taught practical self defence and tactical techniques but you will also understand when to use it by learning:

  • How the law impacts you and this threat;
  • How to observe and evaluate your surroundings so you can make good decisions about your safety;
  • How to use everyday items you carry around with you or have in the home to protect yourself;
  • Defensive techniques to resist violent and weapon attack;
  • How to communicate if you are confronted;
  • How to recognise an unsafe situation; and
  • We will look at your personal safety concerns and how to manage them. For instance this may be at work, in the public, travelling, in the home, at night, vehicle safety, at school or issues you believe are a problem for you.


Perth’s trusted women’s self-defence training

Women face a particular type of violence in our community. Strike have created a program which consists of the personal safety training components mentioned above coupled with specific issues directly impacted by women. We are now offering this training for our low introductory price. The program is run over two sessions conducted on Wednesday nights at our Belmont Centre from 6.30pm-8.00pm.

COMMENCING ON 21st June 2017.  Contact us to enrol now!

A single session is $35.00 + GST or both sessions for $60.00 + GST


Anti-Bullying for Youths 11-16yrs

Bullying for school aged children has become a major problem in our society. There are a lot of programs that deal with the issue after the fact or provide theory based advice prior to the event. This unfortunately doesn’t help the child when they are faced with bullying in real time. Strike have developed a program teaching youth’s practical techniques to deal with bullying at all its levels when its happening, this is the time of major impact for the child. You child does not have to suffer anymore, these methods will give them confidence to deal with the situation.

The program is run over two sessions conducted on Monday nights at our Belmont Centre from 6.30pm-8.00pm.

COMMENCING ON 19th June 2017.  Contact us to enrol now!

Total price for the two sessions is $55.00 incl. GST 


Group Bookings: If you have a group of 8 or more you can have your own session at a venue convenient to you. We can tailor the program to specific business, school or community groups as required, please ask.


Find out more about our mixed and women’s self-defence training in Perth

We tailor the program to specific business, school or community groups as required, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your needs.


We have EFTPOS facilities available for payment.  Call us for details.


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