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Strike consultants understand the dangers of violence existing within our community. We have applied our extensive policing and military experience to provide a program giving you a set of practical skills to use when confronted with aggressive behaviour and conflict. This is not a course of extensive physical training but usable, realistic methods that are taught in a few short hours to allow you to manage these situations effectively. This is not a martial arts program with difficult fighting systems. It is simple and manageable with straightforward application to deter or defend against personal violence within the confines of the law. These methods can be adapted to any situation, in the community, in the home, or at school. No matter your age or fitness level this program can help you.



We are happy to announce we will be running our Womens Self Defence classes from the 25th August 2018 and once a month thereafter.  Our classes will be held at Unit 2/17 Brennan Way, Belmont, on the third Saturday of every month from 9am to 12pm.  We will have a minimum of 8 people per course.  If there are not enough people to fill this class, participants will be moved to the next Self Defence class. 


The price is $60 per person ONLY and we recommend booking ahead if you are interested.


We wholly recommend women to take care of your own welfare and wellbeing.  Become aware, become alert, have the knowledge and become empowered.


Do you feel safe whilst alone at night?

Do you travel on your own to and from your home/work/car/train/bus?

Do you work alone, manage a workplace and deal with members of the public?

Are you required to manage various situations on your own?

Do you need to enter homes/areas as a part of your workplace duties?

Are these homes in high crime risk areas/Are the occupants in an unstable state?


If you experience any of the above situations OR if you simply would like to improve your personal safety skills, we can certainly help you.


We run our programs for private groups (minimum of 5 people) whether it be like-minded friends, social clubs, community groups or sporting organisations.  Our program is also popular with corporate groups for Employee Development Days or Corporate Training Days, a wonderful gift to offer your employees… life-long valuable skills in personal safety and self defence.


This is not a martial arts program with difficult fighting systems.  It is a set of simple and easy to use methods of situational awareness and defending yourself in real life situations.  These skills can be adapted to any situation, at work, in the community, in the home or at school.  No matter your age or fitness level this program can help you!


You will learn:

  • How the law impacts you and the threat;
  • How to observe and evaluate your surroundings so you can make good decisions about your safety;
  • How to use everyday items you carry around with you or have in the home to protect yourself;
  • Simple self-defence techniques to resist a violent attack;
  • How to communicate if you are confronted;
  • How to recognise an unsafe situation; and
  • We will look at the personal safety concerns for people at work, school, in the public, travelling, at home, at night, any scenario you present as a problem for you.





Thank you to Strike Training & Consulting for providing an informative and interactive staff training session tailored to suit the needs of our organisation. Gaven shared his wealth of knowledge & experience in a friendly and professional manner. We look forward to having Strike come again.

Life Live It! Occupational Therapy 


My 15yo daughter Jasmin & I had been looking for a self defence class that we could do together. We both loved the fun class & have come away with some great tips & practical ways to keep ourselves safe if needed. Thank you for the enjoyable evening classes. Now to practice on my husband & two sons. �



Upon referral and recommendation from another organisation, Good Samaritan Industries approached Strike Training & Consulting to customise a ‘Store Security, Defence and Conflict Management’ program for our organisation.

Strike Training & Consulting worked closely with us to develop a bespoke training product that was highly contextualised to our environment and staff. This culminated in delivery of the training to 25+ store managers over a half day period.

The program was a complete success and all participants left the course with confidence in how to handle conflict in the work place in a professional manner in line with their rights as an employee.

The trainer we had for the day was Mr. Gaven Wicks who was very professional, and didn’t subject us to ‘death by power point’. The session was very interactive and inclusive of all participants in a safe and fun training environment.

I have subsequently recommended Strike Training & Consulting to other retailers as a result of our experience and would continue to do so for people who need professional development in conflict management or for any business that has a strong customer relation base.

Retail Operations Manager




Channel Nine News interview


On Saturday 17th March 2018 the woman in this interview was attacked for her phone in East Perth. She attempted to fight off the attacker and was stabbed 5 times. Our Managing Director Gaven WICKS was interviewed about the incident.


Is Perth a dangerous place? No, it isn’t in comparison to other cities and certainly not on the back of one single incident. But there is a growing concern around increasing violent attacks and the brazen attitude of these criminals who have little regard for the law. There has been an increase in these types of attacks in Perth and it is advised people become more aware of their environment and who moves within it. They need to be more vigilant about their surroundings, what to look out for and how to deal with their own safety.


A simple reliance on police to respond or security to assist means the event has already occurred and most likely the damage has been done. Women and members of the community need to educate themselves in the face of these types of attacks. It is not as complicated as attending countless martial arts or combat classes. A simple understanding of knowing what to do and how to manage your situation with simple self defence moves is all that is required. You should be allowed to move around your city without fear and taking these simple steps can help you.



Find out more about our mixed and women’s self-defence training in Perth

We tailor the program to specific business, school or community groups as required, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your needs.


We have EFTPOS facilities available for payment.  Call us for details.



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