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Our world has changed drastically over the past 20 years. We all form part of a global community that allows us instant access across the world via advanced telecommunications and extensive transport hubs. We can travel to the other side of the world in a day. Instant media and information is at our fingertips. Unfortunately this has also brought the impacts of Terrorism to our front doors. No longer does a violent attack on the other side of the world have no bearing on Australia, it impacts our security significantly. In light of this new world Strike has employed the services of former decorated military and enforcement personnel with over 100 years combined experience to formulate Terrorism Awareness programs for business, security and the general public.

Extensive Terrorism Awareness Training in Perth

Do you attend locations where large congregations of people are present? i.e. Stadiums, Shopping Malls, restaurants or perhaps you work in a large office block.
Do you drive or walk on the public street or travel on public transport?

If the answer to either of these questions is ‘Yes’ then you need to participate in this Perth terrorism awareness training program. The Australian government has made it very clear they fear terrorist attacks in this country with a threat level remaining at ‘High’. Australians live in a different world now and we need to be more aware of our surroundings and the activities that occur within it.


There have been over 250 terrorists attacks globally in 2015 and the question is asked after every terrorist attack… how do we combat it? There is a multifaceted answer but part of it requires the community to become aware of what to look for to help government agencies to deal with this issue.


Do not be mistaken terrorism is a global problem and Australians need to become more vigilant to protect our community.

Why take part in this Terrorism Awareness and Response course?

Government agencies take care of this and I receive pamphlets and media information. Why do I need to participte in this program?

This is true, and the government does a fantastic job but unfortunately their resources are limited. Pamphlets and media information are good, but you cannot get a full understanding of this complex issue without discussing and asking questions. This is a face to face program where you will receive specific training. You can ask questions and discuss issues with terrorism awareness trainers in Perth who have the experience to answer them. Unfortunately, enforcement and intelligence agencies do not have the manpower to do this for everyone.


Strike created this program four years ago and has been delivering it to security staff. To fully support government agencies the and protect ourselves the community needs to be the eyes and ears but you need to understand what you are looking for.


Frontline Terrorism Awareness Course (FTAC)

General Public and Business Frontline Staff

Strike has created a 2 hour information seminar for the general public and frontline business staff.


The program will provide you with:

-An understanding of what Terrorism is;

-Where Terrorism comes from;

-Why it occurs;

-Who participates in such acts;

-Why Australia is more exposed to Terrorism than ever before;

-How to recognise acts akin to Terrorism;

-What you can do to deal with Terrorism; and

-What strategies to apply to help recognition of terrorism related activities.


The community are the key to uncovering acts of terrorism as they work and move about the environment on a daily basis, therefore they are more likely to encounter terrorist activity before our security agencies do. The key to this program is education on pre-cursor activities which terrorists undertake. Recognising these indicators will assist in the prevention of attacks rather than awaiting the response after the fact.


We are conducting seminars at our Training Centre, Unit 2, 17 Brennan Way, Belmont.  Please enquire for further information.


Strike Training and Consulting happily invites individuals who are interested in joining our Terrorism Awareness session to enrol.  Classes are held every fortnight (please contact us for dates) from 12.00pm to approximately 4.30pm at a cost of $120.  Once completed, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance.


The terrorism awareness trainers at Strike are also available to attend your premises to complete seminars at your workplace in Perth or around Australia. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

Security Training: Terrorism Awareness and Response

Strike consultants have created a specific training program for security operatives due to their dedicated roles towards safety and security in the workplace. They are in an ideal position to not only recognise terrorist related activity but to deal with it in a systematic manner. Currently there isn’t a specific training program for Security Officers on Terrorism.



The training package is a must for security operatives and should be seriously considered for any organisation using security. Terrorism is a  real threat in Australia today and security personnel must understand this. Please contact us for further information on pricing and delivery of our comprehensive terrorism awareness courses.


For more information on the program please contact us.


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