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Perth Self Defence – Plan to be Aware

| Gaven Wicks Managing Director

  On Saturday 17th March 2018 the woman in this interview was attacked for her phone in East Perth. She attempted to fight off the attacker and was stabbed 5 times. Our Managing Director Gaven WICKS was interviewed about the incident.     Is Perth a dangerous place? No, it isn’t in comparison to other cities and certainly not on the back of one single incident. But there is a growing concern around increasing violent attacks and the brazen attitude of these criminals who have little regard for the law. There has been an increase in these types of attacks...

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Could Perth Security Guards deal with a Terrorism Attack?

| Gaven Wicks Managing Director   Again the point is being missed here, the idea of security is not to be reactive but proactive. No one wants to be dealing with a terrorist attack, security guards need to be preventing them. This takes awareness and recognition of preparation by those who would commit such an act. Then be able to respond to it in an appropriate manner.   It is indicated in this article that security guards are getting half a day on terrorism training. My question is what type of training are they getting? And who is qualified to be teaching this? I...

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