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Bastille Day: Altered Mass Gathering Attack

In Nice today the French suffered another mass gathering attack during its Bastille Day celebrations. But this was of a different kind, not with guns and bombs but using a heavy goods vehicle to kill 73 people and injure 100 more. Reports have indicated the truck ploughed through the crowd gathered on the main road along the shoreline in the town. It has been labelled a terrorist attack by French officials at this time.


– This attack displays the adaptive nature of the terrorist groups to use other means than firearms and explosives. Perhaps security authorities have tunnel vision focusing on the former types of attacks and this has allowed this method to be used. Questions need to be asked. How does a truck of this size pass entry points without any significant barrier or security process to stop it?

– Again this is about vigilance in planning and ensuring security assessors are covering all possibilities. Terrorists are adapting so we must adapt.