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Benefits of First Aid Training

From a personal standpoint, learning first aid and keeping your qualifications current is not only important….it is essential.  This cannot be overstated.


Coming from my background as a police officer there were many times across my career that I found myself in a position being first person at an accident, where I needed to give first aid assistance and apply my cardiopulmonary (CPR) training.


However the instance that stands out the most was shortly after beginning our Strike Training and Consulting business.  One of our early students in Security Operations came through and completed her Provide First Aid unit on the weekend. Our student had passed her theory and practical assessments with flying colours and was awarded her Provide First Aid Statement of Attainment on the Saturday.  We received an email from our student the next Monday to say that she was so glad she had received her training that day as she was driving with her boyfriend that weekend and happened to be the first responders at the scene of a serious car accident.  The couple sprang into action.  Our student administered first aid and cpr to the accident victims whilst her boyfriend attended to diverting traffic away from the accident scene.  She was shaken but so thankful for her training. She felt confident, she took charge of the situation and knew exactly what to do.


What a story and such amazing timing!  The fact that our student had received her training, understood what needed to happen, how to administer the first aid and how to handover to the authorities once they had arrived on the scene, was invaluable.


As unpleasant as it may be, accidents DO happen.  They occur everyday and all around us.  We must be prepared to assist and have the knowledge of what to do in the event that we are required to help.


We all have partners/mothers/fathers/brothers/sisters/children/friends.  I want to know if an accident should occur to any of the important people in my life, that a person close-by would be able to assist and provide them with the necessary aid to help and/or save them.


It certainly does not take long and is not a big expense when you look at the benefit.  Receiving your First Aid training and staying current with your qualification saves lives.


Be responsible. Be trained. Be aware.