In this everchanging security environment there more is need than ever to secure your assets. Strike has gathered together team of qualified consultants to manage your security. These individuals have conducted Security Risks Assessments around the world as part of the United Nations, British and Australian Armed Forces and the Federal Government. This experience and training is now available here. Strike has developed assessment and training programs to meet the needs of the smallest house to the largest mine site. Regardless of size all assessments meet International standards for Risk Management.


Strike Consulting will provide comprehensive review of your security, assets and operations to provide advice on the latest in security applications to meet your needs.

You will provided with detailed reporting and evaluation in an easy to read format so you can understand how secure your assets really are.

Strike will provide you with a rating system so you can determine the level of security you require and where your security stands post the evaluation.

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What does Strike Provide?

  • Home Security Assessment (NEW)
  • Business Security Assessments
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Crisis Management Team Development
  • Security Risk Management

Following are examples of assessments and planning conducted by consultants:

-Port Security Planning and Assessment BC Iron (Karratha)
-Tropical Foresty Services
-APEC 2007 including security risk assessments for the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Conference and Exhibition Centre, Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal
-Overseas operations in Indonesia, East Timor, Somalia and Iraq.

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