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Frontline Terrorism Awareness Course (FTAC)

Image Source: news.com.au

The elevation of the Terrorism Threat level to ‘High’ and the recent raids conducted by NSW Police on terrorist related targets has made a significant impact on Australia and its security.

These government resources are finite in that there is only a limited amount of security that can be provided to help secure business operations. Therefore it is incumbent on organisations to take some responsibility to secure their assets against acts of terrorism.

During the past 12 months Strike Training and Consulting have created a one day FTAC program for frontline staff i.e. retail operators, security officers, receptionists, concierges etc. These individuals are more likely to identify potential acts of terrorism but can only do so if they possess the knowledge.

Strike have employed experienced former enforcement, military and united nations operatives to create and deliver this program specifically to assist business operators to only protect their own assets but also support the community in combating terrorism. This program supports business continuity planning and current security measures by providing the knowledge and skills to recognise acts of terrorism, how to deal with it and strategies the individual and businesses can employ. This program also enhances training for security officers as it currently does not cover terrorism.

For more information visit our Frontline Terrorism Training Course page.