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Hi All


Happy 2017 (?!) – sorry to have been so quiet on the blog front but the start of the year has been exploding with new students, exciting new work opportunities and creating new courses.  Its been a thrilling time for Strike Training and Consulting!


So far this year –


  • We have been working with a wonderful group of trainees from the Njamal people in Port Hedland.  Whilst they have been learning all of the necessary requirements of Security Guard/Crowd Control work, we had been learning about their amazing culture and been treated to a Welcome to Country and presented with some incredible traditional artwork;
  • We have sent our consultants to Indonesia unfortunately all work – no lying by a pool with cocktail for us;
  • We have also sent our consultants Sydney to advise on various security operations;
  • We have also been Melbourne to train companies such as Uber and Uber Eats in conflict management;
  • We have also made good headway in our international operations promoting a number of new courses through our third party providers. We are making inroads into Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh with the hope we will have consolidated regular training within these sectors; and
  • Last but not least our development team has continued its good work and we hope to have some new security products/applications to market by the end of this year.

In the background we have been writing and refining new courses and continue to offer further training.  We have just launched our ONLINE learning component of Provide First Aid which is just the first in a number of new training programs we are working to bring to our students.  We enjoy staying at the edge of developments and as always, we are working to give our students the best and latest in security training.


Many students who have enjoyed Certificate II in Security Operations with us return to complete Certificate III in Security Operations/Cash in Transit and some also go on to enjoy our Investigations and Security and Risk Management courses.  Have a look at our courses and let us know if we can help you out with any further training to go for that job or just expand your resume and education.


We have also been settling into our Training Centre on Abernethy Road and getting our premises to the standard we want for our students .  See photos below. If you’ve ever been trained by us, please feel free to drop in, say Hi, and have a look around.




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