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Personal Safety and Self Defence Training

Strike Training and Consulting has completed another Occupational Therapist self defence and personal safety course for Life Live it. This organisation is required to attend client’s homes to manage their treatment which brings with it a number of safety concerns.


To meet the specific needs of Life Live it we bespoke the program to their particular requirements adapting the course to the specific issues facing the therapists.


With twelve ladies in attendance we looked at specific concerns such as:


  • Visiting clients alone in high crime risk areas – walking to & from car/ house.


  • Visiting clients who have confusion and mood disturbance.


  • Visiting clients and their families when they are experiencing a stressful situation (eg returning home after being unwell in hospital or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).


  • Visiting clients and delivering upsetting or disappointing news.


  • Visiting clients when their family members are present who may impede the therapist.


Our program provided an understanding of law, environmental and situational awareness, self- defence tactics, safety and workplace planning, response procedures and tactical communication.


The participants were thrilled with the program, enjoying the confidence of knowing how to handle unsafe situations, the employer is taking care of their staff ensuring their wellbeing through personal safety/defence training.  Management provided the following testimonial:


‘Thank you to Strike Training & Consulting for providing an informative and interactive staff training session tailored to suit the needs of our organisation. Gaven shared his wealth of knowledge & experience in a friendly and professional manner. We look forward to having Strike come again.’


Karen,  Life Live It! Occupational Therapy