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Perth Mosque Fire Bomb: What’s happening?

The vehicle fire bomb occurring outstanding a Mosque in Thornlie, Perth Tuesday evening is a significant change to the willingness of protagonists to resort to directed violent action. This is unusual behaviour by these persons in the Perth community. In the past there has been an underlying dislike by these groups (anti-Islamist) and some verbal protesting but this act shows a dangerous elevation to using explosives.

This is a significant incident and should not be underplayed. On current reports it was quite easy for these persons to commit this act with little or no security to deter them. That being the case does this provide a catalyst for this group or others to commit further acts? Criminals that find a relatively easy method to commit crime with little opposition generally maintain it. Add ideology to it, political or religious and these two situations can promote further acts.

This act sets a dangerous precedent that has faced other Australian cities and Perth has yet to experience it until now. Are we seeing a change by Perth hate groups to take bigger risks?