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Rio Attacks on Athletes

The Australian Olympic Committee has just decided to take the unprecedented action of employing a private security firm for the olympics to assist with securing the team members. Good thinking Chief de Mission but seriously 6 years ago when Rio was put down as the host city surely someone in the committee would have thought this is a dangerous place with a bad reputation for violent crime ie. the main hospital for olympic attendees hosted a gunfight 3 days ago. So perhaps a security risk review would have been apt at this point. In my calculations it would have registered as extreme in most cases. So why didn’t Australian athletes already have their own allocated security teams? Relying on the 100,000 Brazilian force who are doing a whole of operation security to cover our team is a bad idea because they will be run off their feet. It is guaranteed that other nations have already got private and government security in place (USA). Unfortunately this displays poor planning and putting peoples lives at risk for the $$$. I hope they haven’t gone out and just got the cheapest security firm they could find but a highly trained experienced group with Australian links. Otherwise on all reports the Rio criminals will have a field day, shooting fish in a barrel.