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Strike De-Fence Pty Limited

We are excited to let you in on a secret we have been working on at Strike Training and Consulting’s sister company Strike De-Fence Pty Limited.


Over the past year a security system designed by our Managing Director Gaven Wicks has taken form and is to be revealed in the New Year.


This product is a completely portable security fencing system for temporary events designed to alleviate a number of issues including fence jumpers, vehicle borne attack, illegal site access and assist in safety. Currently we are seeing many security and safety issues for event attendees, security operators and staff. This is due to current fence systems being unable to cope with these issues.


The Strike De-Fence System is a one of kind multi-layered security application that has steel durability, can be erected manually on site using manpower only, yet once fully connected a 100 metre section weighs more than 10 tonnes. This requires a great amount of force to move it and/or damage it. This gives it a life span far outweighing current systems but with enhanced applications.


Being experts in security and using clever design our fencing system is able to be used in various capacities:


  • Music concerts and exhibitions


  • Festivals


  • Government operations


  • Construction sites


  • Any places of mass gathering


  • Sites requiring temporary fencing


This product is an Australian idea produced right here in Perth. As you can see by our excitement and passion for this new product we are looking forward to the next few years unfolding with Strike De-Fence Pty Limited.