It is important to create a positive culture in the workplace that promotes productivity, creativity and overall morale of your team. It is also necessary for organisations to provide an appropriate level of ‘duty of care’ whilst staff are in the workplace. Strike has combined these requirements, applying expertise gained from policing and security backgrounds to create bespoke training programs to manage the safety of your staff, as well as team building.

Strike will evaluate your work environment and create a program to suit. We will deal with the safety concerns of your staff and provide techniques to manage these. As a minimum we will provide the following outcomes:

  • How to observe and manage your surroundings to maintain safety;
  • Personal safety planning;
  • How to manage conflict and/or aggressive situations;
  • Simple self-defence techniques to resist violent attacks;
  • How to use everyday items to protect yourself;
  • Tactical communication; and
  • How the law impacts you.

With our corporate classes, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t be learning advanced martial arts skills and fighting systems – we teach you methods that you can use every day with confidence and ease, while learning them in a welcoming environment with the rest of your team.

If you’d like more information about our corporate culture team building, contact our Perth office today.