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Certificate III in Security Operations

We have just finished another successful Certificate III Bodyguard Course.  The guys devised and executed their operational plan to the minute!  Congratulations to Luke MARTIN (Field Commander), Demetrio VAN DE VELDE (Driver), Jacob NICHOLAS (Bodyguard 1), and Dale HANSSEN (Bodyguard 2) for achieving your qualification in Certificate III in Security Operations.   Through this achievement […]

Terrorism: Security Guards Trained

In the period January to June 2016 records indicate there have been at least 97 recognised terrorist attacks in the world. These have been of varying types, suicide bomber, shootings, detonated bombs etc. ISIS or persons indicating affiliation to this group are responsible for a large number of these attacks. These actions impact security all […]

Perth Mosque Fire Bomb: What’s happening?

The vehicle fire bomb occurring outstanding a Mosque in Thornlie, Perth Tuesday evening is a significant change to the willingness of protagonists to resort to directed violent action. This is unusual behaviour by these persons in the Perth community. In the past there has been an underlying dislike by these groups (anti-Islamist) and some verbal […]