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Perfect Opportunity for University Students

With your upcoming break in study – what a perfect opportunity for our University Students to upskill and earn some extra money. If you have been thinking of doing your Certificate II in Security Operations, do not wait any longer!   There is a huge amount of work available in Perth and throughout WA for […]

Exciting new program COMING SOON!

Stay tuned for an incredible new training program offered exclusively at Strike.   This new addition will be a fantastic advantage to our security students. This program is available to all our students both past and present.   Due to COVID19 the security industry is facing new challenges. This new training will enhance your opportunities […]

Could Perth Security Guards deal with a Terrorism Attack?

https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/terrorism/inquiry-could-perth-security-guards-deal-with-a-terror-attack-ng-b88774713z   Again the point is being missed here, the idea of security is not to be reactive but proactive. No one wants to be dealing with a terrorist attack, security guards need to be preventing them. This takes awareness and recognition of preparation by those who would commit such an act. Then be able […]