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New Streamlined Assessing

You have spoken….and we are listening…..   Strike Training and Consulting is pleased to announce we have streamlined our assessing procedures making it possible for our students to receive your qualification now faster than before!   We understand your urgency.  Once you have been comprehensively trained at Strike, you want your certification ASAP to get […]

Could Perth Security Guards deal with a Terrorism Attack?

https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/terrorism/inquiry-could-perth-security-guards-deal-with-a-terror-attack-ng-b88774713z   Again the point is being missed here, the idea of security is not to be reactive but proactive. No one wants to be dealing with a terrorist attack, security guards need to be preventing them. This takes awareness and recognition of preparation by those who would commit such an act. Then be able […]