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Is your First Aid certificate CURRENT?

First Aid training is vital for everyone and knowing how to respond in an emergency situation can be the difference in saving a life.   Most businesses require employees to complete their First Aid training every THREE YEARS, however many businesses are increasingly requiring employees update their First Aid training EVERY YEAR.   𝙄𝙎 𝙔𝙊𝙐𝙍 […]

Importance of First Aid training

First aid training is invaluable for both you as the individual, for your business and for the community.   At Strike Training and Consulting our affordable prices make it possible for everyone to be trained. To stay current you are required to complete Provide First Aid training every three years.   Come and join our […]

ZipPay Now Available

Strike Training and Consulting are excited to be able to offer our students ZipPay.   This is an easy, convenient and fast option for paying course fees without the initial outlay.   Contact us for more information…     #security #training #ProvideFirstAid #crowdcontrol #perth