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CPP41519 Certificate IV in Security Risk Analysis


Risk Management is an exciting and growing industry in Australia and internationally.  Across a broad range of industries, both private and government good Risk Management specialists and analysts will always be in demand.


We invite you to complete this qualification with Strike Training.  This qualification is for security risk analysts who apply technical security and operations expertise in a risk management environment.  Security risk analysts understand the current threat environment and assess risk and advise clients on strategies to ensure the protection of electronic security systems and people and property in crowded places, as defined by Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism (2017).


Our course is completed in a combination of home study and face to face training. You will receive training materials and access to qualified trainers to assist you. You can start your study immediately.



The face to face components are compulsory to aide you in your study progression. You will be required to complete 5 days in this mode requiring you to attend from 0900-1700hrs on each day. The remainder of your study will be completed in your own time. You have 24 months to complete the program.


We know you are busy, and it can be hard to attend 5 classes in a row.  As a result we have organised the course, so you can select the days you want to come in to do the face to face training. In total you need to complete the 4 blocks of training. These can be done in any order.  Just pick which days are suitable in the respective quarter and let us know.


The face to face training blocks consist of the following units:


Block 1: (2 Days)

CPPSEC4006 Conduct security risk assessment of client operations

CPPSEC4007 Identify security threats and assess impact on client operations

CPPSEC4012 Assess security vulnerabilities of assets

CPPSEC4003 Assess and advise on client security needs


Block 2: (1 Day)

CPPSEC4024 Assess security of crowded places

CPPSEC4025 Advise on operational requirements to maintain crowded places security

PSPSEC015 Communicate security awareness


Block 3: (1 Day)

CPPSEC5004 Develop security risk management plans

CPPSEC5005 Implement security risk management plans


Block 4: (1 Day)

CPPSEC3125 Implement security procedures to protect critical infrastructure and public assets

CPPSEC4022 Establish and implement ethics and governance arrangements for security businesses

CPPINV4013 Undertake case management of investigations


 Total cost: $1695


Select your face to face training dates from the 4 quarters below. There are no restrictions you can choose all 4 blocks in the same quarter if it suits you:



Block 1:  Monday 22nd February and Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Block 2:  Wednesday 24th February 2021

Block 3:  Thursday 25th February 2021

Block 4:  Friday 26th February 2021



Block 1:  Monday 17h May and Tuesday 18th May 2021

Block 2:  Wednesday 19th May 2021

Block 3:  Thursday 20th May 2021

Block 4:  Friday 21st May 2021



Block 1:  Monday 23rd August and Tuesday 24th August 2021

Block 2:  Wednesday 25th August 2021

Block 3:  Thursday 26th August 2021

Block 4:  Friday 27th August 2021



Block 1:  Monday 8th November and Tuesday 9th November 2021

Block 2:  Wednesday 10th November 2021

Block 3:  Thursday 11th November 2021

Block 4:  Friday 12th November 2021


Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) is available please view the student handbook for further information on this process and other Strike policies. This is located at the bottom of the page.


To enrol for a course please select the enrol button below or you can contact us to make further enquiries.






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