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Womens Self Defence and Anti-Bullying training released

Strike Training and Consulting, in its effort to maintain currency and improvement in training has introduced two further training programs. Our development team over the last 6-12 months has painstakingly researched and written these programs to deal with violence against women and bullying of school aged children.


In our development, we have recognised many current programs are not dealing with these issues effectively.


In women’s self-defence there is a lot of focus on learning how to punch, physical interaction with an assailant with a major pointer towards martial arts. These are fine systems but they take a long time to learn and a woman getting into a physical confrontation with a male is not a desirable situation. Therefore, we have introduced a program that is completed in two sessions giving effective conflict management techniques to prepare, recognise and deal with this type of violence in a strategic way. It is easily learnt and can be put into practice immediately.


Our Anti-Bullying program has seen great interest since we released it two weeks ago. We have three high schools in Perth requesting the training and a further three negotiating training with us. This program was developed to assist kids in dealing with the situation as it occurs. Our research has found children have no skills or knowledge to deal with a bully when confronted. Many programs deal with mediation and post incident psychological reviews. These are also fine but there needs to be a set of skills a child can use when confronted with a situation at the time. Our program teaches children environmental and situational awareness, impacting laws, tactical communication and defensive systems to deal with bullying.


In a few short hours either of these programs will arm participants with the knowledge and skills to confidently deal with these situations. Contact us at Strike if these programs interest you.