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If you’re interested in getting involved in the security industry, you’ll need the right training and qualifications to land a job. Or perhaps you’re interested in learning how to defend yourself if the situation required it. You may even be considering becoming a private investigator and are looking to become licenced. Whatever the case might be, Strike is here to provide comprehensive private or corporate courses in a number of different disciplines that will ensure you’re well-prepared.

What sets our security operations courses in Perth apart?

When you choose Strike, you’re choosing a nationally-recognised training provider with more than a century of combined experience in the industry, you can be confident you’ll be trained by the best in the business.

The training our staff possess doesn’t just stop at textbook knowledge.  We have real-world experience across armed services and enforcement, and as such have a deep understanding of precisely how to conduct our courses, from security operations certifications to several others.

Providing Perth with training in security operations plus much more

In addition to the nationally-recognised security certificate courses (which, upon successful completion, will allow you to apply for your security licence with WA police), we also offer many other courses. So if you’d like to undertake self-defence or terrorism awareness classes, private investigation training, first aid, or something else, we’re sure to be able to assist.

Strike Training on Security

Home Security Consultancy

Protecting Valuables

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