This program has been designed specifically for ex-service men and women who have left the emergency services and armed forces. This program provides the skills and knowledge to transfer into the private sector successfully whilst providing support whilst you gain employment.

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Service Transition Program

This program has been designed specifically for ex-servicemen and women who are no longer in the police, emergency or armed services. The major issue these individuals face is being able to transfer their experience and training to the private sector.

After serving the community these men and women should find it relatively easy to transfer their skills given the training and experience they have attained but research reveals this is not the case.

Ex-service personnel find it difficult to transfer their training and experience to civilian qualifications, to adapt their CVs or how to even interview correctly. This program endeavours to remedy this situation and provide these highly skilled persons with employment opportunities they truly deserve.

Strike has created a program that will review your service qualifications, adapt your CV, assist with interviewing and place participants with a recruiter where appropriate. We will market these individuals to prospective employers to get the job you need.

The aim of the program is to provide the right tools to get these participants working. It has been written by ex-servicemen who have experienced this situation, so we truly understand the hardships you face.

There are minimal administration fees required and full support from our team is given.
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