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Our first Hens Day / Self Defence class

Well that was fun!


On the weekend Strike Training and Consulting had its first ever group on a Hens Day as part of our Womens Self Defence class!


Such a wonderful idea for groups of women who don’t necessarily want to get a stripper or get completely trashed on a Hens celebration. This group of 11 ladies dressed up with their “Zoolander” theme and learnt many skills regarding prevention, personal awareness, verbal and physical techniques to use for their own self protection.


The fantastic group of women who attended …. brought in their own smorgasboard of morning tea treats and champagne …… and we could hear the laughs several training rooms away! The group were off to a lovely Saturday afternoon lunch in the sun – what a brilliant day!

On a serious note – we think this is a wonderful idea and a gift for the group and their own individual well being and safety.

We wish the bride-to-be and her fiance our very best wishes for an amazing wedding day and a happy and healthy lifetime together.