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Could Perth Security Guards deal with a Terrorism Attack?



Again the point is being missed here, the idea of security is not to be reactive but proactive. No one wants to be dealing with a terrorist attack, security guards need to be preventing them. This takes awareness and recognition of preparation by those who would commit such an act. Then be able to respond to it in an appropriate manner.


It is indicated in this article that security guards are getting half a day on terrorism training. My question is what type of training are they getting? And who is qualified to be teaching this? I would strongly suggest they are getting none at all except for a discussion on bomb threats and there is much more to terrorism than this.


Our organisation introduced a separate unit of training on terrorism awareness to all our security students because nothing existed in the training packages. We had attempted to get it accredited but were denied. We ignored this and taught it anyway as unaccredited training. Why? Because it is necessary. Terrorism is one of the biggest security issues in the world and security guards are front line and need to understand this. My organisation is made up of ex police and armed forces operators who have extensive experience in this area and we recognised a massive hole in security training in this area.


In my research to date I know of no other security training organisation is offering this in the country let alone Western Australia. The continual inquiries I get on this subject from around the country would support this. If they are teaching it, hopefully it is in the right format and by experienced people.  This is a subject matter that should not be toyed with.