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Perth Self Defence – Plan to be Aware


On Saturday 17th March 2018 the woman in this interview was attacked for her phone in East Perth. She attempted to fight off the attacker and was stabbed 5 times. Our Managing Director Gaven WICKS was interviewed about the incident.



Is Perth a dangerous place? No, it isn’t in comparison to other cities and certainly not on the back of one single incident. But there is a growing concern around increasing violent attacks and the brazen attitude of these criminals who have little regard for the law. There has been an increase in these types of attacks in Perth and it is advised people become more aware of their environment and who moves within it. They need to be more vigilant about their surroundings, what to look out for and how to deal with their own safety.



A simple reliance on police to respond or security to assist means the event has already occurred and most likely the damage has been done. Women and members of the community need to educate themselves in the face of these types of attacks. It is not as complicated as attending countless martial arts or combat classes. A simple understanding of knowing what to do and how to manage your situation with simple self defence moves is all that is required. You should be allowed to move around your city without fear and taking these simple steps can help you.