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Spike in Brazen Weapons Attacks: Personal Security under threat

In the past 6-12 months there has been numerous reports of carjackings and home invasions in the city of Melbourne. Victoria police have indicated 80% rises in these violent crimes where gangs are smashing into vehicles and jacking the cars using machetes, baseball bats and firearms. These same gangs are then invading homes smashing through unsecured windows, doors etc.

Perth has also seen numerous home invasions and attacks by gangs openly in the streets of the city. The following news article was provided by the West Australian:

Three men say they are shocked at the level of violence in Perth after a night out on the town allegedly turned into a machete attack.
The men told Nine News they were walking along William Street on Saturday night when they saw a group of teenagers yelling at a taxi driver.
When they intervened, the three men were allegedly all struck with a machete and sprayed with pepper spray.
Kurt, 24, told Nine News he was injured so badly he couldn’t remember much of the incident.
He said he sustained machete wounds to his head and back.
Another man sustained a fractured arm and shoulder injuries in the alleged incident.
Dan, 28, said he blocked a machete blow to his head with his wrist.

These attacks are very violent and the attackers do not seem to care about how much damage they cause nor do they care whether they are being witnessed or not. With this type of crime on the rise, individuals need to be aware of their own personal security and that of their homes. Making good decisions about where you are going? How you are getting there? What is going on around you? is paramount.

Also understanding the security of your home is key. This includes what is happening around your local environment? What security measures you have? For example keeping expensive items from view of the public street where possible. And having a locked glass window is not security, they will just smash it in.

We need to look after our own security as our world is becoming more violent and unfortunately there is not a police officer on every corner to take of you. Hopefully this is never an issue for you but being a little more prepared will help this.