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Terrorism: Security Guards Trained

In the period January to June 2016 records indicate there have been at least 97 recognised terrorist attacks in the world. These have been of varying types, suicide bomber, shootings, detonated bombs etc. ISIS or persons indicating affiliation to this group are responsible for a large number of these attacks.

These actions impact security all over the world regardless of whether there is a direct exposure to the incident itself. This impacts security risk and operations through the threat it poses. In response it requires an upgrading of security operatives to meet the challenge. Hence Strike Training has instituted its terrorism awareness training (TAAR) as a part of its accredited security training course.

In addition to our Certificate II in Security Operations program students receive terrorism awareness training also. This program is designed by our highly experienced trainers providing students with an understanding of terrorism, the indicators and response methodology. Australia is not immune to the impacts of terrorism and we believe this should form a part of any security training program.