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Boston Bombing: The Honourable Marianne B. Bowler, United States District Court Judge

https://www.cbsnews.com/video/new-footage-of-boston-bombing-blast-shown-in-court/   I would like to sincerely thank the U.S. Consul General Ms. Rachel L. Cooke and Mr. Bruce Havilah of Havilah Legal for inviting me to listen to Her Honour Marianne BOWLER at The Western Australian Club yesterday evening. I felt very privileged. She spoke of the legal aspects, the trial, investigations and a […]

Terrorism: Security Guards Trained

In the period January to June 2016 records indicate there have been at least 97 recognised terrorist attacks in the world. These have been of varying types, suicide bomber, shootings, detonated bombs etc. ISIS or persons indicating affiliation to this group are responsible for a large number of these attacks. These actions impact security all […]

Frontline Terrorism Awareness Course (FTAC)

Image Source: news.com.au The elevation of the Terrorism Threat level to ‘High’ and the recent raids conducted by NSW Police on terrorist related targets has made a significant impact on Australia and its security. These government resources are finite in that there is only a limited amount of security that can be provided to help […]